Emergent Phase

The EMERGENT phase of technacy development presents an early, developing or novice level of simple and tangible technology project activity. The learner encounters an aspect of at least one essential Technology Type or context of application that is novel to them.

The scale of the project or technology activity also identifies the Emergent Phase. It is expected that in this EMERGENT phase, the project or technology explored is of an "ordinary human scale of direct sensory experience". Projects in the EMERGENT Phase of technacy are component and parts based activities where an individual encounters the part, explores its qualities and potential and begins to understand its value and limitations for potential inclusion in function solution.

The Emergent Phase Describes the Learners prowess as either 'EARLY EMERGENT or UPPER EMERGENT', depending on whether the learner successfully and consistently demonstrated applied success by drawing upon essential principles to justify the basis of the success for the role of the component(s) in the project before them.