Example of Upper Emergent Play - Food Technology Genre

Upper Emergent Play example

Emergent Consolidation Early

Emergent Consolidation Upper

Emergent Pioneer Early

Emergent Pioneer Upper

Emergent Play Early

Emergent Play Upper

Key indicators for this level:

  • self-initiates play to try and yield the set outcome: in this case, transform seeds to floor.
  • replicates efforts from prior technique exposure, but not correctly.
  • persists with "crushing" Material (seeds), between two hard surfaces (Rocks), using a Hammer (two stone) technique as their agency.
  • Flaws: technique was to 'grind' not 'hammer', and to do so for the whole bag of seeds and more, not give up on a few, was the larger volume defines teh social and rythmic context ofp the agency

Competent Consolidation Early

Competent Consolidation Upper

Competent Pioneer Early

Competent Pioneer Upper

Competent Play Early

Competent Play Upper

Sophisticated Consolidation Early

Sophisticated Consolidation Upper

Sophisticated Pioneer Early

Sophisticated Pioneer Upper

Sophisticated Play Early

Sophisticated Play Upper